Mai 162014
Arduino Hall Effect Switch

Ok, this is an easy one to make. We are going to use a hall effect switch to turn the Arduino UNO’s built-in led on and off with a magnet. We will be using the Allegro Microsystems A1120EUA Hall Effect Switch Connect pin 1 of the switch to the Arduino +5V supply (red wire) Connect pin […]

Ian 022013
Monitorizarea amperajului cu ajutorul senzorului ACS712

int VQ; int ACSPin = A2;void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); VQ = determineVQ(ACSPin); //Quiscent output voltage – the average voltage ACS712 shows with no load (0 A) delay(1000); } void loop() { Serial.print(„ACS712@A2:”);Serial.print(readCurrent(ACSPin),3);Serial.println(” mA”); delay(150); } int determineVQ(int PIN) { Serial.print(„estimating avg. quiscent voltage:”); long VQ = 0; //read 5000 samples to stabilise value for (int […]

Ian 022013
Monitorizarea  tensiunii unei bateri

Since we are involved in off grid solar power systems, we have a need to monitor battery voltage. The Arduino can do this easily with a simple voltage divider. With some simple mods, we can control loads, generators, or notifications based on battery voltage. To read a maximum of 20vdc, R1 should be 3k ohm, […]

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Aug 192011
Statie meteo -Arduino + LCD +  DHT11

First of all, you will need to wire the DHT11 sensor and the LCD as shown in the circuit diagram below: Loading the program to get the weather station going: The code for reading the Sensor data and displaying it on the LCD is available here, The code is very easy to read and understand and […]

Wii Motion Plus + Arduino

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Feb 022011
Wii Motion Plus + Arduino

Ok so I, after much research, have been able to read the gyro data of the new wii motion plus peripheral with the arduino microcontroller. With this code and the code previously developed for the wii nunchuck (here), we are able to create a 6 DOF IMU for under $40. Thanks Nintendo! Best of all, […]


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Dec 282010

Nevoia de miniaturizare i-a impins pe electronisti sa creeze opere de arta. mai jos o sa prezit proiectul  One Chip Arduino preluat de pe The circuit of LilyPad arduino is mounted on the DIP of ATmega88. There are Reset-SW,Skech loading pin-header and LED of D13. Using internal clock 8MHz. Doesn’t put ICSP pin-header because […]

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Modificarea servo motoarelor

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Dec 272010
Modificarea servo motoarelor

Am vazut ca cele mai ieftine servo motoare nu depasesc cu mult 20 roni, dar au un dezavantaj enorm cursa prea mica si anume 60 de grade. Am cautat pe internet si am gasit cum se poate modifica in servo motor pentru a obtine o miscare continua la 360 de grade . sau Voi ce […]


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Dec 252010

Intrucat am vazut o cerere foarte mare de montaje care sa prezinte parametri automobilelor , public aici ceva proiecte gasite pe net si care pot fi contruite cu un buget foarte mic Introduction The OBDuino is an in-car real-time display of various information, like speed, RPM, instant fuel consumption or average trip fuel consumption as […]

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