Ian 022013
Monitorizarea amperajului cu ajutorul senzorului ACS712

int VQ; int ACSPin = A2;void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); VQ = determineVQ(ACSPin); //Quiscent output voltage – the average voltage ACS712 shows with no load (0 A) delay(1000); } void loop() { Serial.print(„ACS712@A2:”);Serial.print(readCurrent(ACSPin),3);Serial.println(” mA”); delay(150); } int determineVQ(int PIN) { Serial.print(„estimating avg. quiscent voltage:”); long VQ = 0; //read 5000 samples to stabilise value for (int […]

Ian 022013
Monitorizarea  tensiunii unei bateri

Since we are involved in off grid solar power systems, we have a need to monitor battery voltage. The Arduino can do this easily with a simple voltage divider. With some simple mods, we can control loads, generators, or notifications based on battery voltage. To read a maximum of 20vdc, R1 should be 3k ohm, […]

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